Monday, August 29, 2011

Project: Finding Beautiful (and Cheap) Lighting

Wait for sales!!! :0)
I have been looking for a new chandelier type hanging light to go in our dining room since we have moved in to our house last year. But I wasn't about to spend 200 dollars on a new light when the one that is already there is...fine...
We ran to Home Depot for some air filter replacements, and outside the store there was a HUGE clearance sale...on none other than LIGHTS! I was so excited! (Seriously, see if your Home Depot is having clearance sales on the weekend!) So we found this one. 100 dollars off. Lovely. I could have cried. Not once did I pause to wonder, why are they selling all their lights for this cheap...
Anywho, moving on...Here is our before light. See? Not bad...I just look at these type of lights as hallway/entryway-ish lights. And I have this complete disgust for yellow or dim lighting...could have been the 6 years we spent in our dim student apartments, I don't know. But I really like my kitchen area to be bright and cheery! It's where I spend a lot of time during my day... 
We started taking down the fixture, when we saw this! Look at that yellow! It was shocking to see it again. I'm so glad we painted before we moved in! (For those of you who don't know, the entire house, walls + ceilings were this color! Very dingy...very
So we had to paint that little yellow circle white. Thank goodness I save everything. ;0) 
When we started assembling the lamp, my hubby told me he knows nothing of electricity..and I said, "GREAT! You'll learn something new today!" And I pushed him to google it. (He is an engineer...just not the electrical one.) He did! And he did an awesome job. I love it. Beautiful bright, white lights. *sigh*

On a side note: the reason why the light fixture was so cheap. Did you know the President is discontinuing normal lightbulbs?! (I say normal, because they are the inexpensive ones I used to buy all the time.) Yup. Come January, no more normal lightbulbs. And all the light fixtures that use 'normal lightbulbs' are on sale at Home Depot. And I just bought one of those light fixtures for my dining room...hahaha. Go Figure! We just stocked up on the 2 year long lasting bulbs...We have enough for 6 years, and I think we'll have moved by then. I love our government. Didn't even know they could change how we do lightbulbs! Awesome.

That being said...Have a wonderful day!

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