Friday, June 8, 2012

Project: Barbie House 2

For almost a whole year now, I have been hunting for an entertainment center that can be transformed into a Barbie House, because dear Katie's Barbie House was so amazing, it totally inspired me.
My last trip to the Goodwill, I found this! It was 12 bucks but very sturdy, and I was SO stinkin excited about it! My daughter saw it first, but it only took me five seconds to decide if I was going to purchase it or not.
When we got home, we washed it down and made it shine. We grabbed all of my daughters old shoe boxes, that I KNEW would come handy one day! My old material scraps and cute paper, the trusty Mod Podge and went online to print out some pictures... 
Wah-lah!  Here it is, so much more inviting and homey, don't ya think? 
For the Living Room, I printed off french doors, some photos of our family, and the dresser and TV. The couch was made out of 1/2 a shoe box with the lid ducktaped as the back. The fabric was manipulated and Hot Glued down. The chair is an old jewelry box.
For the Kitchen, I mod podged some paper down to the floor that resembled tile, and found a photo of a kitchen my daughter liked for the wall. I like this one because it has the same greenery and french doors like in the Living Room.
I just finished the table for this today, I will have to post it later.
My daughter and I had a lot of fun picking out fabrics for the beds. The beds are again made out of shoeboxes cut in half and ducktaped to make them sturdy, then wrapped in fabric and hot glued. Then we sewed the blankets and the pillows were stuffed with cotton balls.
We printed out pictures of Barbie and Disney characters and a couple dressers off of Google. 
We even punched out 1 inch circles and sewed them to make a garland, then we hot glued that off of the ceiling.
The whole project cost was 12 dollars! We got creative and used things we had in the house. It is a piece that will hopefully last for years! We have had hours of fun with it already.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Project: Graduation Caps

Hello all! What a crazy year it has been! Having a baby really puts crafting and free time on hold. But! I'm glad to be back. :0)
I was able to teach in a Preschool Co-op this year. We had our end of the year Graduation Party last Monday, and I was in charge of the Graduation Caps. But I saw these yummy treats on Pinterest and had to play. 

Cute and simple. I wish I would have bought a different kind of frosting. The gel was hard to work with.
Now on to Posterboard Graduation Caps! 
I made 4 hats out of 2 Posterboard, normal crafting scissors to cut everything out used and Hot Glue to hold it all together. 
I bent down the top part of the circle piece, and cut slits every inch. Then I cut out every other square so it was easier to handle. Then hot glued the remaining pieces down! 
And a nice chunky yarn tassle glued right on top! 
Congratulations little Preschooler!