Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Project: Letters to Disneyland! {updated}

We are getting excited for this years Disneyland trip at our house!!
I found an address that if you write to a character send it in to the address, the character will supposedly send an autographed photo back!
So my kids set to work...the hardest part was picking a character, they each wanted to write to at least 7 different ones. :0)
But Buzz and Ariel were the winners.
PLUS, my 3 year old wrote his name by himself for the first time today! Super Bonus! 
I will update to tell you how long it takes to get an autographed photo back... 
Here is the address:
Walt Disney World Communications
PO Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040
Here's hopin!
Guess what arrived in the mail yesterday! Yay! Two postcards addressed to my two oldest kids! They were ecstatic...as you can see!

For anyone willing to give this a try, the whole process took two weeks from the time we mailed our letters to get the Disneyland postcards back.
Now to find other fun Disneyland ideas!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Project: Book Wreath!

Pinterest has been exploding with several variations of the book wreath as of late, but I found one I totally fell in love with.

I was inspired by this blog: HERE
It is totally cute,
but like every craft,
everyone does it differently :)

What you need:
Floral wreath
a cheap book-w/plenty of pages! (I used 343pgs)
acrylic brown or gray paint
paper towels
glue gun
ribbon for hanging

Found this floral wreath at the dollar store-I cut it to make two because it was thicker than I wanted.
Bought this at the dollar store for the pages...
I mixed brown and black acrylic paint, wiped it on a paper towel and ran it on the edges of the book and let it dry for ten or so minutes.
Do you know how hard it is for a reading teacher to tear pages out of a book? :)

Start by putting rolls on the top-shooting out like a sun,
 then flip it over and use that as your back side,
 then filled in the center so it was pointing forward.
I have about 7-8 layers from back to center...
Fill in, covering the color of your base.

To hang a foam wreath, you need to put a ribbon around the top :)
I did a small piece, not to be seen...
Super easy, super cute, but time intensive.

I have it hanging in my house, but it's moving to my classroom over the library in a couple days!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Project: Card Swap

A friend recently invited me into a Card Swap.
Card Swap: A group of X amount of people, who make 2 cards for every person in the group according to the theme chosen. (I was confused about this: 2 designs, not a different card for every person.) You are given a deadline, and then set free to unleash your creative possibilities in a card.
This card swap had 11 ladies in it, the theme was 1 Birthday card and 1 Blank card. We had two weeks to finish before the swap.
Above is my 22 cards I got back! It was like Christmas! I love all of them, and I think I am set for the rest of the year! 
This one was my favorite... 
Cute, huh! 
I made this one... 
This is your day!
Shake your Tail Feather.
Hop-Pea Birthday!
Seriously creative. 
My friend, Megan that invited me to this swap made this one. Love the baby clothespin.
So many great ideas. 
Love the ribbon on this one. 
I really had so many favorites, but you get the idea. Set up a Card Swap with your friends! You get so much back from such a small sacrifice of time.