Friday, May 27, 2011

Project: Little Girl Decor

For this project I spent this many dollas: 0!!! I used things lying around my house. An old piece of wood from my scrap pile, knobs that were switched out when I re-painted my end tables, some paint, some sandpaper and some ribbon! I was inspired by this site here. She actually inspires me alot! I love her sense of style.
My daughter loves her new Necklace holder. :0) (in case you were wondering what it could be used for...) 
Next up! Butterflies! And lots of em! I found this cute project here. I grabbed all of my old scrap pieces of scrapbooking paper, grabbed my son and my daughter to do this project with me...well, they love to use scissors, so why not let them practice, while I'm sitting with them. haha I cut out my own butterfly template out of a thick piece of cardstock, 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. And began tracing and cutting away. I also used Mod Podge for my finish instead of the spray, and it worked great! After they dried, I folded two indents leaving enough surface for the wall, and also making the wings pop out. Then I used Painter's Tape to stick em up. (We'll see how long they last!)

Yay for Little Girl's Rooms! :0) Have fun with this one!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Project: Necklace

After finding this tutorial I was totally inspired! I made 4 necklaces with things I had lying around the house! Take a peek at this tutorial!
Warning: You will receive many compliments wearing your new necklace!
The last time I flew, I was wearing one, and I was asked where I purchased my necklace. It was thrilling to tell them, I made it!
Definitely recommend making at least one! :0)

Tip: I used some old broken necklace chains to glue onto the Pom Pom's.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Project: Inspired Top

I was inspired by Make It and Love It! Have you seen her last post? She made a dress out of material that I cannot wait to own someday: Pre-Ruffled Fabric! Love it! But today I owned Jersey Knit material, and so that is what I used for this top.
Step 1: I grabbed a shirt and measured side to side and top to bottom. (Tip: Use a shirt where you know you like how it hangs on your body.)
Step 2: Cut the fabric. (I LOATHE cutting Jersey knit fabric!) Tip: Have an iron handy to make sure you get even cuts. :0)
Step 3: Measure the sides that you will be sewing first on your T-shirt model right below the sleeve, then mark on your material. (You can see where I began sewing on my material...where the first pin is!)
Step 4: You can see this on the Make It and Love It site, where she cuts in a little toward the middle for the top part. I guess-timated on one side, then flipped those scrap pieces onto the other side and cut again. :0) I'm not a very technical sewer...or cutter.
Step 5: Iron AND pin before you sew your lining. I did arms first, then the bottom...
Step 6: Sew the top piece on the front and back leaving a 1.5-2 inch allowance for ribbon, or a piece of fabric as the tie.
Step 7: Thread your tie through and you are done! So Easy!

If I can do it, You can do it!
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Project: Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet Paper Rolls...If people only knew I have these hanging on my wall. Well! I guess you know now!
I was inspired by this site.
All you need for this project are:
Hot Glue Gun
Toilet Paper Rolls
Any color paint
Paint Brush
Paint the inside of the rolls, let dry. Cut the rolls into 5 equal pieces. Place in the design you want to create, then glue! Easy!
Tip: The hardest part for me was the painting...I tried two ways, cutting the rolls first, then painting or painting the insides, then cutting. I really thought painting first then cutting was more effective, and you tend to get better coverage. 
The best part is, I can always go back and add more! And even toss it when I'm ready for a new look!

Save those Toilet Paper Rolls! :0)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Welcome to the New Blog! Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned for projects galore! :0)