Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Baby Girl Shower Ideas

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I recently got to throw a Baby Girl shower to my friend who has 3 boys. You bet we were excited to bring out the PINK!

We decided to serve brunch since the shower went from 10 to 12. 
Fruit Cake: made out of watermelon, whipped cream and more fruit as the toppings
Pink Drink: Raspberry Sherbet + 7up
We had a Bow Making station. We supplied the materials, the guests assembled them.
One of my favorite gifts that I saw: Shoes made out of felt!! Adorable!!!
There were three :)
First was the Icebreaker, or the game the guests picked up on arrival.
Feel free to use these to your hearts content.
The instructions are easy. The daughters names are listed, and the mothers names are in the box. Match em up! (If you need the answer key, email me and I will send it to you.)
After Brunch, we played 'Dad Knows Best'. The guests were to guess how many questions Megan would get right.
Megan would get a point for every question that matched Robbie's answer. She wasn't answering them according to her...she was answering them according to Robbie's answers. Make sense?
The guests could guess along with Megan.
*For some extra fun, I asked these questions to Robbie and recorded him while he answered. We watched the tape during the shower. :)
After presents, the guests played 'Parental Guidance'. I called the mother and the mother in law to get some fun stories about Megan and Robbie. The guests were to guess if it was a Megan story or a Robbie story. 
Below are the tags for the guest 'Thank Yous'. I filled the bags with Kettle Corn. Easy and Sweet.
Girls are so fun.

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Hi! I'd love to use your tags for the gift bags... any chance you could send me the document? My email is stacieaho at gmail dot com

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