Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bibbity Bobbity Tips and Tricks

Hi all! I have spent a year or so exploring blogs and sites of fellow Disneyland fanatics. I have learned so much from each of them, and they go down in my book as experts!
I am no expert.
But I have been to Disneyland quite a few times and in all different stages in my life. I've been with my own family as a teenager, as a High School graduate, as a college student with my friends, as a newlywed, and I've been with 1, 2 and 3 kids. Each time is magical, and each time is just a little bit different...which keeps me coming back for more!
The tips I want to share, are tips that have worked for me and my family.
Take them if you want them. You may have heard them before.
But I warn you...
reading this may plant a seed of longing for the magic yourself.
So, in the words of Scar, "Beee Preeparrrred!"
Here are Jana's
(in no particular order)
1. The History-there are many good sites out there that give a great history of how Disneyland came to be, and when you walk in the park, you will notice that things have been updated through the years...but mostly it's been maintained. Which I love.
2. The Rides-love them all! After reading this blog, you will be able to establish between Kiddy Rides and Big Rides. But I assure you every ride is worth the wait and every ride or attraction is for everyone. :)
3. The Smells-every ride has a distinct smell to me. I was there the year Indiana Jones first opened, and it still has the same smell it did today! Brings back so many fun memories. At Christmas, if you walk down Main smells like Christmas!!! Part of the Magic.
4. The Music-there is always music playing in between the parks. I love it.
5. The Atmosphere-one of my favorites is walking in through the entrance of the park and hearing the "Wee-Hoo" of the scanner when it scans your ticket in, I love it when a character is noticed and people make a bee-line to form a line to meet him/her.
6. The Attention to Detail-If you haven't been or have been and haven't yet noticed, every part of the park is themed...right down to the garbage cans and bathrooms. Look and see for yourself! So cool.
7. The Fellow Disneyland Goers-I love to see The Fans (people who are decked out in Disney Gear, families in matching shirts, people hurrying (but not running) to get to the next attraction, people who are courteous and kind while standing in line. We have met so many fab fans while standing in line! My favorite is seeing couples run around by themselves...that would be my mom and dad. Love them.
8. The Disneyland Business-what does that mean? Disneyland is smart, they make you feel like YOU are in charge, YOU own the park, and Disneyland is the reason YOU are making fabulous memories. SO smart. How do they do this? They make little things like Fast Passes that (if you figure them out correctly) will make it so you have hardly any waiting time...even on busy days, they make sure EVERY employee is on point making you feel special and happy.
9. Disneyland at Night-the lights in the trees, the fireworks, the coolness of the evening, you name it...everything about it I LOVE.
10. The Food-we have our restaurants that we have to eat at everytime we go. The food is delicious, and you may have heard it is expensive to eat in the park...but really, the prices totally compare to the surrounding sit down restaurants outside the park. And really I will spare you a good mouth watering session by not even going in to what kind of Disney treats are there....SO YUM.
Disneyland has become our Family Tradition. I hope you learn something or even just come to appreciate the magic that is there for anyone and everyone. :)
Stay tuned for more...