Friday, April 27, 2012

Project: Kids bathroom redo

 We repainted the kids bathroom back in February.....and I finally finished it!   Nice to check something off the list.

The room started as a dark blue color.  Nice, but it didn't match any of my (3) shower curtains.  My friend had some leftover paint that I thought might match one, so we tried it.

 OOPS!  Have you ever had one of those - it was better before I did that - moments?  I tried to make myself like it as we finished painting it at 1 am.  Even after my husband pointed out that I would choose NOT to rent a house just because of a room like that......he was right.  And when I looked at it again in the morning I disliked it even more.  Okay, so I hated it.  Thank goodness there was paint leftover from my bathroom!  It was a nice shade of gray by evening.

Do you have any toilets that do this?  Gross!  I took the opportunity to add some caulk around the base....of all the toilets in the house.  Youtube it.  It is really very easy, and super quick!  And I did 3 toilets and re-caulked 2 showers for $10.  Totally worth it.

Ahhhh.....happy "not so much grossness to clean" to me!

 I put some hooks on the back of the door to hide the kids towels.  They dry better this way anyway.
 I found some really cute bathroom printables here and gradually rounded up frames from the local thrift store. (Spray painted to match) I cut a square of foam board and covered it with some scrap fabric for the center square.  If I find a frame about that size I'll add the "comb your hair" print instead.  If you want some tips for how to hang a collage check out this post.
 It all matches!  And it isn't fluorescent!
 And it only cost me $8....for frames.  All the paint was leftover from some other project, and I've had the shower curtain/towels for years.  Though to completely finish the project....
I'm going to have to buy some ceiling paint.  Seriously people.  If you are going to take the time to put color on your walls, take the time to do it right!  Or no one will be able to appreciate the beautiful color you picked - all they will see is a crappy paint job.  Okay, so maybe thats just me :0)


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Jana and Brett said...

haha I have the same lovely paint marks on my ceiling in my Master Bath! Yuck! We really were painting over the previous paint job it right the first time people! :0)I do love the colors. Good job!