Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Girl's Camp Ideas

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I'm a Tent Mom this year to 7 cute Beehives. Since this is a 'Trek' year (a pioneer reenactment) the Beehives get their very own Girls Camp. And I am excited! Our theme is 'Bee Your Own Kind of Bee-U-tiful' and goes along with the scripture 1 Samuel 16:7. As a Tent Mom I get to help organize the campsite and create goodies to help the girls have the best time ever! I got a lot of my ideas from Pinterest, and some I created myself. Enjoy! 
Every day has a mini theme, and one of them is Princess Day!! So I decided each of my girls should be sporting a crown. :) Cute eh?
I found a bottle of Stiffy at Hobby Lobby and decided to do an experiment. Which works better:
Stiffy vs. Mod Podge?
I cut the lace in to seven equal parts, and sponged on the liquid...Stiffy was easier to work with, but it is very runny. And because of that Mod Podge dried faster, and the crowns held up better...less bendy.
Therefore, Mod Podge won in my book. 
I ended up using White Glitter instead of Gold. And I used another coat of Mod Podge to make those glitters stick!
I hot glued the crown onto plastic headbands, then bagged them up, and tied a little quote I found: 
front side
back side
Easy. :)
I found a great tutorial off of Pinterest for these headbands. My daughter and I are in love.
Go here for the tut.
I've made 15 today! Super easy.
In our stake, the girls get a Ward Bead for their boondoggle necklaces, it should have the year and go along with the theme in some way. 
I found these at Walmart for $2.
There were no instructions on how to use them, so make sure you peel off the protective covering on the glass before placing them in the metal charm piece.
First I found a cute ribbon that fit in the glass, and cut to size.
I found the square charms after I ordered these cute stickers on You can create whatever you want! My order was 20 stickers for $5. I think they turned out cute, so I was determined to make them work.
I cut them to size!
And used the part of the sticker with the most important information: the year.
Not too shabby. Each bead came out to be $1.20 each.
Each ward was given a color, flower and a theme. Our ward is the pink roses and our theme is from President Gordon B. Hinckley's Be's: Be Positive! Each ward has to make a flag for camp and here is ours. :)
I found a cute site here that had a great tutorial for Felt Roses.
My cute Beehives! I printed their pictures out on a Fabric Transfer sheet then ironed them on to some fabric, then I cut them out in circles for the center of the roses.
I'm still working on some more goodies! Yay for Girls Camp!

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Steve and Katie said...

Love it! I have to get cracking on my girls camp stuff. I've only got a few weeks left!!