Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Top Ten Budget Friendly Disney Gifts

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I have a few family members who love Disneyland...including me. Whenever a special occasion comes around, I love to shop for 'Disney Treasures'...something I know these family members of mine will love and treasure themselves. Since I live no where near Disneyland...I always head to the internet first. Some of the treasures on my list I have actually bought, some are for the future, and all are budget friendly.
1. Disneyland soundtrack of the actual rides in the Park
I purchased this for my Dad and he has enjoyed it, as have I. You can find this particular CD for sale on 
Below are some of the tracks found on the soundtrack...
Walt Disney's Dedication Of Disneyland
Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)
Splash Mountain Medley
Space Mountain
and more! There are 22 tracks.
We also listen to Pandora--there is a channel that is called Disney (Kids) Songs, and it will play many of the Disney Classics including some of these tracks.

2. Disney Air Fresheners
They smell like the real deal! And they look super cute hanging above your dashboard. :) Purchased the Mickey Ice Cream Bar for Mother's Day, and she loved it.
Again you can find these on

3. Disney iphone cases
These are kind of out of my budget, but they are so fun to look at! And maybe save up for...I found these two websites had the greatest selections:
Super cute!

4. Disneyland Fact and Trivia Books
I love to learn of the history of any National Landmark, and since Disneyland is our go-to Family Spot, it's fun to learn it's history too.
There are many to choose from, and many are affordable.
Search for them on
5. Disney Window Decals
I'm personally not a window sticker person, but whenever I see these on someone's back window, they make me smile.
So if I ever did buy one, it would be one of these. :)
6. Disney Tees
I love stocking up on Disney Tshirts before a Disneyland trip. The styles from Target and The Children's place have a subtle and vintage look that I love. And best of all they are affordable!
Whenever I come home with Disney Tees before a Disney vacation, it adds to the excitement. It would also be fun to get new shirts every morning before heading in to the park too!...if you could wait that long...I'm always bad with surprises...
7. Personalized Disney Water Bottle Labels
Found these cute labels on this cute Etsy site:
Super fun for parties! And even fun for a Disneyland Vacation!
Or if you want something more environmental friendly...
You can make something like this! I found this tutorial on this site here.
Love it!
8. Disney themed Wallets
Found these beauties on
 There were also purses to match...although more expensive.
9. Disney Themed Food!
Check this site out here for 30 Disney themed cupcakes...I'm already getting requests from my kids. :)
Would love cupcakes any day...
10. Disney Store Toys
I am always looking through this site here!
There are so many fun Disney toys here...just click the sale button for amazing deals.
There you have it, my top ten budget friendly Disney gifts!

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