Saturday, October 1, 2011

Project: Caramel Apples and Autumn Leaves

My first grader went on a field trip to an apple orchard.  She came home with all kinds of stories to tell and uber excited about how we could make apples with caramel and chocolate and nuts and sprinkles with little sticks and.......  :0)

Much to her dismay there was no caramel to be had in the house and I suggested we make them for our party Friday.  Party!!  What party!?  I love it when I do that.  Come up with something quick and have to think through it later.  SO!  We had a party to decorate for Halloween.
 We, of course started with the carameled apples.  I convinced them to wait a week or two for the chocolate/sprinkled/nutty ones.  We don't know enough people to give the extras away yet!  They are SOOOO easy!  And they really are super yummy.  What you need?


I recommend getting small apples.   I got the smallest I could see and not a single one of my kids finished the whole apple.  You can buy caramels, or just get the caramel bits (like me) and melt them.  
Put the sticks in the apple, cover the apple with caramel, scrape the bottom and set them on a cookie sheet covered with greased parchment paper (or tin foil!).
 Put them in the refrigerator for at least an hour and......
 Ta Dah!!!  Caramel apples!  My husband marched around singing "Carameled apples, they are so yummy!  I ate them all and filled my tummy!"  Haha - love that guy :)  I think he was as grateful for the field trip as my 6 year old!

During the days leading up to said party the kids were all kinds of busy planning.  One afternoon we took a walk and collected piles of pretty leaves.
 While we were waiting for the apples to harden we strung them on some string and hung them on the fireplace!
Nothing like bringing the outside in!  And if you've got thread and a needle its completely free!  I wish the oak trees weren't still green.  Those big bright leaves would be beautiful!!  But these little ones work for now.  And it was amazing how quietly the kids worked as they focused on keeping the leaves intact as they strung them.  I'm sure they wouldn't mind making me another one once the rest of the leaves turn :)

More Halloween decorations to come......


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Melanie said...

I've done the caramel apple it...but I always go for the big apples. Nice tip on sicking to the small.

second...the leaf string. GENIOUS! I love it. May just have to try that SOON!