Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pantry-Laundry Room Makeover

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We have almost lived in our home for 3 years, and I am finally getting to this room...I have hit the nesting stage in my pregnancy and I was losing sleep over this project. I knew it finally needed to be done. 
Some before pics of our Pantry-Laundry Room.
We used a utility shelf before, and there was a bunch of space wasted...not to mention it constantly looked unorganized.
I headed to Home Depot and bought a cute stencil in the Martha Stewart section by the paints... 
Then when I was halfway done...I was thinking...WHY am I doing this again???!!! aahh!! 

5 hours later I finished. I kept the walls white and used a beige color (that matches the rest of our house) for the stencil. 
Then we put some nice shelving in to utilize all that wonderful wall space. :)
The whole project cost $100. The shelving was what added up...
I love it! Now I want to do cook and do laundry!! haha


Steve and Katie said...
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Steve and Katie said...

Ha! Having posting issues - I love it!! My laundry room is my next project too! I have finally rounded up everything I need - just need to get er done. Isn't it funny how one little un-organized room you aren't in much can haunt your dreams so throroughly?