Monday, July 15, 2013

Chair Re-do!

4-5 hour project...if you don't have to re-paint the chairs...
I found the table, chairs and matching china hutch on a craigslist add.
They were very well taken care of and freshly painted...
It took me about 4 years to decide what I wanted to do with them-lame, I know!

The fabric is from JoAnns...totally on sale and with my JoAnn's App (download now!) I also got 40% off.
I ended up paying $19 for 3 yards, 45'' wide- it is an upholstery fabric, so this was a heck of a deal! 

Unscrew the pad, right off the chair- very easy, just time consuming.
Once the pad is off, I took off the previous fabric from one of the pads to use as a fabric stencil for the six other pads. I left the fabric on the others and then covered it with the new.

Staple gun is all you need!
Tuck the fabric as tight as you can.
It doesn't matter what it looks like on the bottom...
& who cares if you use a hundred staples! :)

My 6 bumless chairs!
I washed these girls really well-top to bottom!

The details in the chairs are amazing, but the more detail, the more work...


My most favorite toy in all the land!
Life is better with a sander!

Especially for all this detail on front and back of the chairs!
Don't you love the difference?!?

You want to hit every line to make it stand out- 
One chair sanded by hand: 1.5 hours
One chair sanded by device: 20 minutes

Love the legs...the details are amazing!

I love love love love them!

Hope you do to!

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Jana said...

OOOOooo! I DO love them! Good job!