Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Project: Flower Pot Redo

I don't know about all of you, but I've been up to about a million things in the past couple of months and just haven't had much time to talk about them!  I am slowly...ever so slowly...trying to make my little house feel a little more like home.

I love palm trees.  Especially as I sit enduring a "stark" and "gray" winter in Chicago - I spend a lot of time dreaming of the sun.  I just needed a palm tree!  Really - I think it was a need.  It makes me happy.  Who doesn't brighten a little, or at least think of the sun, when they see a palm tree?  The tree was inexpensive.....planters (nice ones anyway) are another story!
 This sad little foam-ish pot has been sitting on my front porch with dead flowers since we moved in.  Don't know whose it was, but its mine now!  And it was in as much need of a makeover as I was in need of a pot.
 A few coats of spray paint made it a beautiful shade of shiny apple red!!  LOVE it!
My palm tree loves it too.

Now I just need to add some turquoise or something somewhere.....


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Melanie said...

Looks really good! You ladies amaze me. :)