Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project: Some Valentine Dinner Fun

My good friend Melissa, over at My Creative Stirrings came up with this cute idea and I thought I'd spread the love. I'm always looking for fun things to do with my kids to make the holidays special, and this is perfect.  After all, its usually all the little things added up that make special times so memorable.

To see her instructions click, here.

You fill a bowl, or a vase in my case, with strips of paper.  Each paper has an "activity" listed on it.  There are 14 strips.  You pick one at dinner each day to add a little fun and valentine flair to your meal.  She has some really super cute ones.  So go on over and check it out!

In the meantime, here is my version
 Wordstrips cut,
 and piled in a vase,
that is tied with a cute ribbon and some hearts.

Hooray for holidays!  I failed horribly at sharing our Christmas fun with you - and since its too late now, I will have loads and loads to share next year.  Maybe I'll post a little Christmas in July.  But I'm determined not to fail quite so miserably for this holiday.  So stay tuned for more Valentine fun!


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