Monday, April 9, 2012

Project: Adding Some Color

My landlord left me with one stipulation regarding paint in my house.  Don't touch the living room.....or stairs....or upstairs hall.  Basically, leave the yellow alone!  And its yellow.....very yellow.  A good yellow.....but a LOT of yellow.  And the "accent" wall is about a half a shade different than the rest.  On sunny days its livable, on cloudy days its suffocating.  So I set about adding some color!
 The easiest way to add instant color is throw pillows.  Especially since my couches and my carpet are essentially the same color :(  
The red pillow is actually made from some curtains I had in my kitchen a few houses ago!  Here are the tutorials I used:

Gathered Pillow: Make It and Love It
Bow Pillow: E Tells Tales
Flower Pillow: I just made a standard envelope cover.  Then I took strips of fabric 3 inches wide and sewed a basting stitch down the center of each.  I gathered them, then sewed them in a circle.  Kind of like the pillow here, but instead of straight lines, its circular.

These two are just plain jane zipper pillow covers.  The green one has the pear fabric on the other side
 I pulled out the spray paint and added some color to my lamp bases.  Which I really really love!
 Remember those leftover blocks? are some more!

I sprayed painted my flower pot and added a curtain to the bookshelf.  Just use a shower curtain rod!  It works beautifully, and is sturdy.  This is my kids bookcase, and it gets used often.  I haven't had the curtain fall down once.

I would totally leave the open bookshelf if it was in a playroom, but its in my living room - I'll take the curtain.
This shelf above the front door has been a puzzle to me since we moved in.  Its at least half hidden, from some angles fully hidden by the chandelier.  What do you put up there?  Not something you want to be able to see well!  These pots (and the frame actually too) were $1.99 each at a local thrift store.  The pots were white with a blue design on them. (Sorry I didn't take a before picture!)  Add a little spray paint and viola!  For $6 I'm happy with it......for now :)

Of course there is the palm tree pot from before as well.  That was a nice stroke of red too.  And I think that about sums it up.

Overall - it is 100% better.  Not as great as a new paint job, but much cheaper and following the rules.


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